Flirting With Bitcoin
Flirting With Bitcoin
⚡💰 FW₿051 - B*tch Better Have My Bitcoin

⚡💰 FW₿051 - B*tch Better Have My Bitcoin

Does Rihanna Have Bitcoin? [Block #776202]

It's your last chance to enter the latest #FlirtingWithBitcoinChallange and this time Mandana wants you to buy Bitcoin for your valentine, or yourself.

Share your proof of purchase on Nostr and we’ll match up to $50. Make sure you tag the pod’s pubkey


However, if you post on Twitter or Instagram we’re only matching up to $25. Make sure you tag the pod

Twitter - @flirtingwithbtc

Instagram - @flirtingwithbitcoin

But no matter where you post make sure you include the hashtag #FlirtingWithBitcoinChallange

All entries gotta be posted by Valentine's night!

This week we dive into Bitcoin Island happenings including the SEC fining Kraken, our new ‘Flirting With Nostr’ segment that explains “Zaps” on Damus, and NFTs now finding their way on the Bitcoin Blockchain (inscriptions). 

Ian closes it out explaining why he thinks Rihanna and other artists will soon be saying B*tch Better Have My Bitcoin. The future is decentralized, and Jack Dorsey & Jay-Z’s Tidal may lead the way for musicians - yayo, yayo! 

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Flirting With Bitcoin
Flirting With Bitcoin
Every week Bitcoin enthusiast Ian and his wife Mandana, a Bitcoin noob, discuss the latest news and events on "Bitcoin Island" in a fun and flirty way.