Flirting With Bitcoin
Flirting With Bitcoin
FW₿047 - 1 Year Anniversary

FW₿047 - 1 Year Anniversary

New Year, Same Schemes [Block #771180]

Looks like we’ve made it! Mandana and Ian celebrate their first anniversary of making the pod and Bitcoin’s 14th birthday. Hello terrible teens? Mandana wonders if Bitcoiners have learned their lesson yet when it comes to storage. Ian catches her up to the latest imploding crypto company. Seems like the Winklevoss twins’ (remember them? Think Facebook origin story) crypto exchange Gemini and Genesis, owned by Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group, just cost their customers $900 million worth of coins. Oh, and a non-crypto bank, Silvergate, may also collapse. Check your money storage folks! No one is safe.

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Flirting With Bitcoin
Flirting With Bitcoin
Every week Bitcoin enthusiast Ian and his wife Mandana, a Bitcoin noob, discuss the latest news and events on "Bitcoin Island" in a fun and flirty way.