Flirting With Bitcoin
Flirting With Bitcoin
⚡🏛️ FW₿059 - The Bitcoin Policy Institute Summit

⚡🏛️ FW₿059 - The Bitcoin Policy Institute Summit

Can a think tank convince lawmakers to leave Bitcoin alone? [Block #788827]

New Intro. Who Dis?

In this week's episode, Mandana and Ian recap The Bitcoin Policy Institute Summit, which was Ian's first-ever Bitcoin event. They delve into the educational value of the summit, discussing whether it was informative enough to influence a lawmaker's opinion. Ian shares some exciting Bitcoin projects he learned about through networking, highlighting the benefits of attending industry events. The discussion touches on the importance of raising awareness and understanding of Bitcoin and the potential impact it can have. Overall, the episode provides an insightful recap of The Bitcoin Policy Institute Summit and its significance for the Bitcoin community.

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Flirting With Bitcoin
Flirting With Bitcoin
Every week Bitcoin enthusiast Ian and his wife Mandana, a Bitcoin noob, discuss the latest news and events on "Bitcoin Island" in a fun and flirty way.