Flirting With Bitcoin
Flirting With Bitcoin
⚡🏴‍☠️ FW₿058 - Silk Road's Slippery Slope

⚡🏴‍☠️ FW₿058 - Silk Road's Slippery Slope

Were people really getting drugs delivered to their house? [Block #787681]

On this episode of Flirting with Bitcoin, we take a trip down memory lane and discuss the original Silk Road, an infamous online marketplace where people could buy and sell drugs and other goods using Bitcoin. We discuss the impact of Silk Road on the early Bitcoin community, including the challenges it posed to Bitcoin's reputation and the subsequent crackdown by law enforcement agencies.

We also have some important news to share regarding our bounty program. Due to popular demand and to keep the fun going, we have decided to continue the program, but with a reduced payout. Tune in to find out the new reward amounts, and how you can still participate in the program.

So sit back, relax, and join us as we explore the colorful history of the Bitcoin community and share some exciting updates on the show

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Flirting With Bitcoin
Flirting With Bitcoin
Every week Bitcoin enthusiast Ian and his wife Mandana, a Bitcoin noob, discuss the latest news and events on "Bitcoin Island" in a fun and flirty way.